Natural Process

  • Our products are made using the traditional methods of saponifying oils/butters with lye in small batches with natural wholesome ingredients which is pure nourishment to the skin/hair.

Chemical free

  • Our products are free from harmful chemicals like surfactants, antibacterial chemicals, pH balancing agents, synthetic moisturizers, parabens, sulfates, silicones.
  • We do not use any actives that are synthetically derived from natural sources.
  • Studies show that it takes only 10 seconds for the chemicals to enter the bloodstream which may lead to overall health issues.
  • We strive to make 0% chemical products


  • Our products are made from locally sourced wholesome ingredients in small batches to preserve freshness and quality. Anoya products are pure nourishment to the skin and hair.
  • Our nourishing products are highly effective and work towards addressing skin and hair concerns.

Our Products / Research & Development

  • Our products have been meticulously created & invented by our robust R&D team over a period of time, at our facility.
  • Our products have been made with the science of Ayurveda and nature’s wonderful healing and nourishing ingredients for high quality and effective products.


  • As a company that is environmentally aware of our choices all our products are biodegradable.
  • Most of the chemicals found in conventional products do not break down and contaminate our drains, lakes, rivers etc. and pose a serious threat to our aquatic life.
  • We believe in manufacturing our products using the traditional methods and processes which are non-polluting and conserve energy and natural resources.
  • When manufactured sustainably, communities and the environment on the whole benefit.

Say no to plastic: Green packaging

  • As a company that is aware of the widespread damage that has been ravaging our planet due to the use of plastic all our soaps are beautifully packed in plastic free boxes. We strive for plastic free packaging with our aluminum tubes and bottles.


  • To make good quality wholesome products which nourishes and is also kind to our planet.
  • To make switching to natural products an enjoyable and satisfying lifestyle choice.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. 

——- Native American